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A lovely evening--with forum friends!

15 years ago

North Carolina Phil, and his lovely wife, Diane, made a stop in our neck of the woods on their way north and came over this evening

and so did our buff24! How nice it was to be together in my little garden! I really enjoyed meeting Phil and his wife and wish they lived

closer! She is into doing stained glass and I'd love to learn how to do that myself. I feel we would get along really well! Thank you, Diane,

for agreeing to stop in for the visit! I know it's hard meeting people you know nothing about other than that they love hosta like your husband does!!!

Phil also brought me a seedling from his 'Cinnamon Sticks'! It is the cutest thing!! Thank you so much, Phil!!

Do you ever think about what we are like in person? With Phil, he is just what I expected! I feel like I already knew him, pretty well

before we met and I was not diappointed! I hope we can do this again, sometime!!!

It has just occured to me, that he probably won't get to read this thread--since he won't be back home while it is

still on page 1, I expect!!!

And, Buff--it is always so good to see you, and Chad and now your ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE Maekenna! Folks, I have to tell you, the photos

Buff has posted on the conversation side do not do her justice! She looks so much like her Mom--and that is a good thing! Dad is in there, too--and the combination makes for a real doll!

I just had to share what a great evening I had--and how much fun it always is to meet our forum folk!!! I wish I could meet you all!!!!!!

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