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New home owner and new to gardening

9 years ago

Hi there! We are first time home owners in New Orleans with lots of overgrown areas on our property. We purchased in February, but with a teething toddler I found no time to tackle some of the gardening/ landscaping and I'm totally ignorant to what to do or how I should even begin.

This morning I decided to tackle an area next to our side entrance. I was able to identify an overgrown/partially dead schefflera. It was laying along the ground and growing up the side of the house. I cut away the dead parts and the parts that were on the house. Should I just dig the whole thing up? Also, there's some old tattered plastic under the weeds. Should I leave it and work on top of it or rip up what I can? There's monkey grass too. I hate it and would love to get rid of it.

I'm thinking I would really like some giant elephant ears in this area instead of the schefflera.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated:) book suggestions too:) thanks

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