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planting turffalo and sowing native grass seed

17 years ago

We just bought some land in the Hill country just west of I35 near Canyon Lake The land was overworked a bit clearing cedar just before we bought it. We have some areas of bare earth that machines drove on, some stands of oaks of various types and some areas with cedars. There is a small creek -- spring fed and pretty sparse right now in the summer with the lack of rain ---that they worked on the banks. Some areas of bank are bare soil with a scattering of rocks--large down to gravel size. We bought the sunturf mix from Native American seed which is buffalo and little bluestem and some sideoats gramma but haven't planted yet. Do we need to do anything to the soil that was compacted before sowing the seed? We also are thinking of using turffalo plugs in a fenced area in the backyard that has some oaks, dappled light.The land is a little rocky but there is some topsoil and some probable caliche that was dug up and spread out over it when they put in the septic system.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated---including suggestions for restoring the little creek to more natural state. We hope to be bird, butterfly, and wildlife friendly

Also I am so new...should I post to a different forum for these kinds of questions?

Thanks so much