Set-up for new flower bed

14 years ago

Ok, like to run my plan by some experienced gardeners to see if theres a factor I missed. Have a corner lot, and the small square left in the exact corner where the two sidewalks cross was too inviting to pass up. Planning on digging all the sod up, and putting down a mixture of soil, composted manure from a friend who has a horse ranch, grass clipping, shredded newspaper and any other organic waste I come accross between now and when I'm finished. Basically want to soup up the soil as much as possible since left to itself its rather sandy. Now I don't have any money left for landscaping this year, so then I'm going to cover it up with fabric and woodchips and leave it to compost until next fall when I'd like to plant irises, tulips, lilies, and whatever else to make a year-round flower garden. So this is really long-term planning here. Now corner gets all day sun, and will be looking for plants that handle full sun, and I realize I might have to water this area a bit more due to its sun exposure.

Is there anything I'm overlooking here? Didn't find anything in a simple web search I did, but I'm so new to this gardening thing... help?

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