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Goats control invasives!

17 years ago

See this news story for a cool idea. Let's all tell our native plant societies.


Here's just the start:

"Never mind blades, chemicals or plain old pulling. The stewards of Montgomery County's parks are bringing in the big guns in their war against weeds: goats.

Next week parks officials will invite 15 goats to Sligo Creek Stream Valley Park in Silver Spring and put them into quarter-acre lots rich in what naturalists call "highly invasive non-native plant species," otherwise known as weeds from abroad.

"What we're trying to do is to see what they'll eat," said Geoffrey Mason, a Montgomery parks official overseeing the experiment.

"The rougher the weeds, the more they like them," said Brian Schiner, co-owner of the Wagon Wheel Ranch in Mount Airy, where the goats-for-hire reside when not on assignment. "

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