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What plants do you absolutely have to have this Spring?

11 years ago

Hi all,

Now that Bluestone has raised its prices, and I've ordered two Camellias ('Winter's Rose' and 'April Remembered'--Bill reminded me how much I wanted them), I've decided to be picky about what I add to my gardens this year.

Corylopsis pauciflora is one necessity since my husband ever so carefully mowed down (by mistake) the adorable little one that I bought from Forest Farm years ago. --He thought it was a weed. Sigh. I still grieve for that little shrub.

A bunch of Hellebores thanks to the enablers here. 'Cinnamon Snow', 'Pink Frost', H. x ballardiae 'Spring Party', 'Regal Ruffles' --in red, in case they come in different colors, and 'Mellow Yellow', as well as another H. niger to keep my H. 'Joshua' company.

Dicentra scandens. A yellow climbing, possibly fragrant?, bleeding heart! Don't know if it will be hardy in Zone 6, but I'll plant it near the house and hope for the best.

A fairy rose because someone here (nhbabs?) reminded me how much I love it. I used to have one in my old garden.

An Illicium floridanum of some kind. There are new cultivars so I'll have to look into it.

Adiantum x mairisii --Hardy maidenhair fern. Hardy! Love those filigreed leaves and never thought I could get one that would be hardy in my garden.

And probably hundreds more...

What plants are you dreaming of?

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