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Clay soil woes

17 years ago

Help! Was out yesterday digging up sod to extend my flower beds. Then I was digging a hole so I can mix potting soil into the clay. After a depth of about 2 feet, I ran into a puddle (it had rained a couple hours earlier). In the bottom of the puddle, I have rock solid clay. Tried to dig some of it out but it wasn't budging so I decided to wait til the puddle drained so I could see better what I am doing (and save my back from lifting shovelfuls of wet clay and water!). Well this morning that puddle was still there! Hardly drained at all. And it's at the top of a gentle downslope to the drainage ditch behind my condo. What can I do to get down deeper? I don't want to put in a raised bed because the bed which it is an extension of is not raised.

Another interesting note is that this area is right next to my cement patio. The other end of the part I dug out was bone dry under the sod, despite thunderstorms a couple hours earlier. What's up with that?

Thanks for your help!


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