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Best Place(s) to Buy Metal Labels/Markers for Hostas? Cheap?!?

11 years ago

Hi everyone!

I am finally out of my last batch of metal plant markers. When I bought them a few years ago, I got 100 for under $30 bucks! I guess it was a deal because now I cannot even find 50 for that price! LOL!

So, I thought I would ask to see where you all get your metal labels from. The ones I have now are metal where 2 ends go into the ground, and the metal plate sort of wraps around the top of the ends part. ( would be series C type at

I also have a few stray ones that the ends actually go through the plate and slide to the top (Series E Type).

I have looked at that site, metalgardenmarkers. I have also glanced at Ebay too which some were more expensive that the other site, and some were slightly less than the site.

So before I order from anywhere, I thought I would ask around here to see if any of you had any favorite places that you can get markers for a good price.

Thanks guys! Christy

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