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Visit to Kuk's Forest Nursery today

16 years ago

After reading the post recently about Kuk's here on the GW, I did a google search, got the address and headed there. (He's less an an hour away).

Unfortuantly, I didn't read his website completely, otherwise I would of seen that he is open by Appointment Only. Although we interuped his dinner-making, he was nice enough to let us stay and look, admire and pick out some wonderful hosta.

I guess I was expecting it to be a regular nursery with store hours. Anyway, I'm sure glad he let us stay.

Next time I'll make an appointment first though.

NICE PLACE!!! I didn't take a camera with me, but I came back with some mental pictures of some great ideas.

The plants that I got from him all have a nice root system.

I did good...I only spent $81. That's what I call self control! Well, not really....the hubby was with me, if you know what I mean.

Here's what I got:

Ann Kulpa

Columbus Circle

El Nino

Li'l Abner

Niagara Falls

Sweet Home Chicago

(Bob threw in his very own 'Punky' as a bonus)

I'll be back next spring.

I also need to visit Wades. (Also less than an hour drive).

Was on my way there in May but it started raining so I came back home.

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