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Advice can I make this work

8 years ago

I have no real knowledge of gardening....I thought it would be great to finally clean up the garden area in my front yard (I have lived in the house 3 years and I think its been a few years more than that since it was tended). Well I went to lowes and bought a bunch of pretty marigolds and soil thinking it would be easy.

After about an hour of pulling weeds and dead leaves up I realized that in the soil there are quite a few roots. The garden is small, maybe 2'x5' but it has a shrub/hedge (not sure what it technically is) on either side of it. Approx 12' in front of it is a tree. Some of the roots are quite large so my question is do I work around these roots or somehow cut them? How do I know if they are from the hedge or tree...I've pulled up some very large weeds. What supplies do I need to prepare the garden and what should I do with the 20 little marigold plants I bought (lol..I'm not even sure I bought the right amount for that area) I really don't want them to die :(
Advice would be appreciated!

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