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Will plants that don't make it help amend soil or clay?

15 years ago

My neighbors, bless them, are so thrilled to see me finally try my hand at gardening that they are innundating me with a variety of young plants and seedlings from their gardens. I am doing my best to find the best spots for every plant, including where they will likely survive and what they will "grow up" to be. I keep getting stymied by the fact that our land has somewhat frustrating properties. Where there is sun, there is either clay, or it's too difficult water. Where there is decent soil, there are trees, and shade.

There is one area in particular that I would *love* to beautify. It happens to be mostly clay, and it's where our septic tanks are located. It also happens to be the first thing you see when you drive up to our house. ICK! I would like to be able to properly amend the clay, but at the moment I can't afford to buy any more materials.

So, after all that babbling (sorry, I tend to write "books"), my question is this. If I just put these things in the ground, and they don't make it, will they help improve the clay/soil for the future?

I really need to get these plants in the ground somewhere or they will surely die... soon!


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