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BIrds have been at my seeds-Peas are dying..I think

16 years ago

Hello-I am very new to this forum-one week membership celebrated this past Friday!, and let me tell you I am hooked to the different forums already :). I travel as a Senior Consultant around the globe, but everytime I get a bit of downtime with readily available internet connection, I check my email and then this website. I would appreciate any/some/all feedback to the many newbie questions listed below.

I just took up gardening since my husband and I bought a house in MD. Big yard with lots of trees(35 maples to be exact-anybody want a tree?).Clay soil with stones galore. After reading the forums I was hooked in wanting to start a veggie garden the organic way. Only I wanted to accomplish it this year. So while my husband is busy cutting down the trees because some of them are too close to the foundation of our house, I have started a compost pile from the leaves and clippings for next year. For planting this season I bought Leafgro compost and added that in to my existing soil. Dug and raked until going to the gym was not necessary this past week, bought various Burpee seeds and planted them.

I have quite a few qiestions to ask thus here goes:

1)My peas and the seedlings that had sprouted were left upturned and seemed to have been chewed through, and left on top of the soil. Are birds doing this crime? I replanted the ones that I saw on top of the bed that were whole, but I found the same thing with my cucumber seeds as well- and frankly I am very upset/disappointed.How do I prevent this from happening again you think?

2)Are the ten cent seeds that are sold at Walmart not good quality? I wanted to experiment with different kinds and am wondering if they might be a good option to buy.

3)At Lowes they are selling a fertilizer that is $1.99 (ProGrow II)that lists in the ingredients section as being an all natural compost- humus and fertilizer I think it said on the bag.Buy or stick to Leafgro? I am planning to get ten more bags to use as compost.Anything else I could be using as a quick compost that is going to be effective this year. Otherwise next year hopefully from all my natural clippings, grass,tea bags etc we won't need to buy fertilizer.

4)I bought a couple of Burpee tomato plants from the store. Last year I planted them in the ground(my old house did not have any fertilizer to speak of except Miracle Grow) they died. This year, wait and then plant when bigger?Right now they are in individual pots.

5)I am not home that often, what would you suggest would be good thing to do to care for my plants before I leave?

6)Eucalyptus trees- I saw a unique variety growing in the Blue Mountains in Sydney, Australia a couple of weeks ago. Does anyone know what they were or where I can get the seeds for them?

7)Tropical fruit/tree store in MD? Would you happen to know where one would exist in the DC area?

Thanks SO much! Believe me- ALL and ANY comments are VERY much appreciated!!

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