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Two tree questions (Leftwood, if your about, I'd love your input)

14 years ago

First of all, I have a red maple that is turning color, I am assuming that this is due to stress as it is too early in the year for color. This summer we removed 5 overgrown arborvitae that were planted near it, and I am sure that roots of the maple were damaged in the process of removing the arbs. The side of the tree that is turning color is the same side that the arborvitae were removed. Is this a coinsidence? Do you think that this damage will cause problems down the road?

Secondly, how would you advise people on ash trees? I have clients with a large ash in their front yard in an older metro neighborhood. I am not prone to advising people to remove grown trees, but this one does look somewhat stressed (there are a number of dead branches throughout the tree) and I have been following the Emerald Ash Borer news since I started hort classes 10 years ago, and it looks as though the ash pandemic is almost here. Considering that a new landscape design would be greatly affected by a tree this large, am I jumping the gun to suggest that they remove the tree? I know that any design I put forward will be directly impacted by the tree. If the tree remains I will be using shade tolorant plants that will not do well in the full sun they will recieve if the tree is removed two or three years after installation. This is money lost in more ways that one. Yet I am not comfortable with this particular gamble and wonder if I am being an alarmist. Any input?

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