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'Not a nick in those leaves'....I wish! Holee Hostaa!

14 years ago

Gloria got me thinking, by her comment and her question about what I do for slugs. I WISH I had

NO nicks or holes, and if you roll back through my pix on the threads of my garden you'll see that

'Gunsmoke is riddled' and 'Earth Angel' has been munched on and on another thread the slugs/sowbugs

and whatever else has wreaked havoc on my 'Plantagineas' and 'Capt. Kirk'--apparently!

So, I think I might be very misleading about my garden being so 'pristine' when, in fact,

I prefer to take photos of my best examples of beautiful hosta and I avoid the plants that seem

to have been the 'food of choice' for slugs, earwigs and whatever else loves to chomp on them!!

I do use bait, finally this year! Before, I just sprinkled coffee grounds around

and I DO make choices of hosta that are more 'slug-resistant' but that does not mean

when there are slugs about--they'll not go for whatever there is, if their favorites are not about!!!

They do, afterall, have to survive if they weren't dealt with early-on (like this year, for me)

and if we are not vigilant, after every time it rains, to get the 'wildlife-safe' slug bait out!!

SOOOO--I went out looking for all the 'other hosta' that were not 'picture' perfect!

Here goes---'the rest of my gardens' (not for the faint of heart--GASP!):


So, if you made it through without shrieking, then you have hosta that look like mine, too,

which is testimony to THE FACT, that 'the garden' is never perfect--since *the First One*

and we see how long that lasted!! There's just so much 'life' out there that depends

on things we prefer they leave alone--a part of the original *curse* I suppose!

BTW--I think I spotted a suspicious leaf, in the photo of 'Sea Gulf Stream', planted in a spot that

I had a 'Maui Buttercups'(last year) come down with a case of the neems! GROAN!! I guess

you know WHAT I'll be doing, in the next 5 mins.!!!

Thanks for looking---I THINK!! :o/ Take heart--its' NEVER perfect in my garden!!!! But, the 'peace' is

still there, for me, and it's not 'the garden' that is the whole of 'my peace', but it does make for a

peaceful *place-to-be*, in my day!! :o)

Peace to you ALL--"not as the world gives.., but lasting peace"!!

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