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Hosta Library Contest Update

9 years ago

It sounds like the Hosta Library Contest is proving to be a huge challenge for the Library.I sent in some pics and got this reply back. They are requesting some changes to help things run smoother. If you thinking about submitting a pic please read. Thanks, Phil

As you are sending more entries could you do us a HUGE favor and name your files ( that you send to the contest)
BorocayPT.jpg No HOSTA no numbers no dates nothing else
We are getting hundreds of entries and they are being batch processed to size them and alphabetize them and give credit to the photographer.
Further explanation is below.... THANKS!
The HostaLibrary Team
What you have sent so far today...we can rename so no need to resend with different file names....but it will help ensure proper credit for future submissions. Thanks a whole clump!
Hello Contest Contenders!
So happy to see so many people participating in the HostaLibrary Photo Contest!!!!
We could use a few more PRIZE donations. Only 3 have offered prizes to help make the HostaLibrary better. If you might have something for the random drawings, it would sure be appreciated!
Something that we did not anticipate has become a HUGE problem and you can help.
Please send photos with the following file names ONLY..... starting immediately...
PlantName(your initials).jpg
If Bob Axmear sent in Patriot.... the file sent should be named:
PatriotBA.jpg No Hosta No number No Date
We have received more than 100 entries, it is only day 2 of a thirty day contest and the photos entered need to be batch processed. If the files aren't named (PlantName) with (your initials) we won't be able to sort them out.
Also there seems to be some confusion about what is needed for the Library and this contest.
Hostas that are in more than one garden, in commerce, or donated more than once in an auction, that aren't already in the HostaLibrary, will count toward the contest.
Also ....if a plant is listed at the Library already and there is nothing there but a tc or very small immature photo.... a mature clump photo will count in the contest. Please DO NOT SEND additional photos of mature clumps of plant varieties that are already in the Hosta Library. You may have nice photos of plants already at the Library....this is not the contest to put them in. It has become overwhelming to sort through the entries and see that there is already a mature photo of a hosta already at the Library.
Just for instance.... at the Hosta Library under Cadillac... no additional photos of Cadillac will be counted in this contest. On the other hand...if you have a clump of Cabin Fever ( because there is only a single leaf photo there) a mature clump of Cabin Fever would be accepted and counted in this contest. IF Cabin Fever is now in more than one garden.
If the entry is registered PLEASE include who the Originator is and the year it was registered. This will save Bob from having to look it up when he uploads the contest folder of photos.
The photo must be YOUR photo. You cannot go to Bob Solberg's site and send in his photo or take someone elses photo off of Facebook or a forum and enter it in the contest under your name. If the plant in question isn't in the HostaLibrary, you can only send in your photo of it.
After July 4, no photo files that aren't sent with the file format we have requested, can be guaranteed to be counted in the contest. It has become too hard to keep track of this type of file name and credit it to the entrant:
You can see that 200 file names with just numbers and no persons initials will just be lost. And when they are of new plants ....we can't tell what they are when they are batch processed. And PLEASE don't include Hosta in the file name. They will need to be alphabetized to make Bob's job easier after the contest and putting Hosta in the file name will confuse the sort.
Again the format for files submitted:
PatriotBA.jpg only please.
Thanks everyone! When contests are set up we can't always anticipate the problems we might encounter..... we have encountered some and this should help us behind the scenes, and make the HostaLibrary up-to-date with new varieties and mature photos of only little tc plants from years gone by.
Keep the entries coming in! Any questions send them briefly as you can and they will be answered as soon as we can. Again, nothing goes to Bob directly they must be entered through this email address to count.
The HostaLibrary Team

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