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Jap Maple- Must I prune or can I leave it alone

14 years ago

Hi all. We planted a laceleaf type of Japanese Maple last year. I dont remember the specific cultivar, but when we bought it, had a forked trunk. I'm fine with how it looks, but I think I read somewhere recently that I needed to prune off one of the trunks so that it only has one central leader.

I really don't want to, because I'm scared that I'll kill it, and because I'll be setting the tree back by essentially cutting off half of it, but I'll do it if it's necessary for the long term health of the tree. I tried to attach some pics, hopefully they show. So what do you guy's think? Is it o.k. as is, or should I pick one trunk and cleave off the other?

If I need to prune, I'm going to do it in a few weeks whenever the leaves decide to fall. That's o.k. right?


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