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October Glory or Autumn Blaze?

12 years ago


We are new to the tree planting world and are looking to replace a silver maple we took down a couple of years ago. We looked into red oak, tulip poplar and maples. My husband has his preferences narrowed down to October Glory or Autumn Blaze. The tree will be in our front yard (roughly 60' wide) where a Norway maple (I think) grows off to the side. That tree will be coming out as soon as the new one is established because the roots have grown into our sewer line and we are going to need extensive work done. Our intention is that the new tree will be the only tree in the front yard. I want a tree without the invasive surface roots that the Silver Maple had. The existing maple would have been perfect where the Silver was and my original thought was to plant one there. But the Autumn Blaze and October Glory are what he has come up with.

I've seen the fall color which will be a nice plus and something to enjoy, but my greatest concerns are roots, shade and long-term health. Which of these has less chance for surface roots and a more-rounded growing habit to provide more shade across our house? Is there anything else I should look at when comparing these two trees?

Thanks for any thoughts or tips. We want to get this right as this is the only tree we hope to plant out there!

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