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Autumn Blaze or October Glory for parkway

16 years ago

I live on a quiet residential street in the suburbs of Chicago and I would like to plant a tree on the parkway (no sidewalk) to replace two very large, old trees (American Elm and Black Cherry) that were cut down due to disease earlier this year. After sadly ruling out a number of trees for various reasons, I am finally debating between an Autumn Blaze and an October Glory. I like that the Autumn Blaze is fast growing, but I prefer the deep red and late coloration of the October Glory. The seed issue is a wash b/c I like the idea of no-seed hassles with the Autumn Blaze, but I also like the idea of feeding wildlife with the October Glory seeds. Does the Autumn Blaze really grow that much faster than the October Glory? What kind of difference would I see in 10 years? Are there any other advantages/disadvantages I should be considering, such as surface root issues, form/structural aesthetics, etc.? I saw that a similar question was posted a few weeks back, but the original question in that post never seemed to be addressed. Thank you much.

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