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My Growing Addiction . . . I Mean Collection

Ludicious Acres
10 years ago

My goodness it has been a whirlwind 48 hours for me.

I saw the sale at Bridgewood . . . ordered 6 new Hosta . . . saw the post for Golden Meadows . . . went over to the Auction . . . ended up bidding on 9 Hosta . . . this is all in addition to the 8 that I bought in the last two weeks from my local nursery . . . they were also having a sale . . . now I am scoping out Jim's for a Forbidden Fruit . . . and Jade Cascade from Land of the Giants . . . enabled much ???

My BF has given me the ultimatum that I can NOT fill up the side porch to the point that you can't walk across it because of all the pots . . . so I may have to call it quits for this year with ordering and hone my Wishlist until January when the catalogs are up dated.

So all in all . . . I joined GW on 6/29/12 desperately looking for an ID for my Leading Lady Elegans . . . followed up with a Wide Brim and Tiny Tears ID . . . two sales later and a trigger happy finger at the HL Auction . . . dozens of posts showing me beautiful hosta . . . Moccasin and Steve's enabling . . . I am at 25 NEW cultivars in less than 30 days . . . 28 identified cultivars total in my collection.

This does not include the 5 NOID I still have in the jungle . . . front yard. But I don't feel comfortable pitching them to you all for ID'ing since they were planted by MIL about 4 years ago around a Black Walnut and have been neglected so they are pitiful specimens at this point buried under mountains of weeds and overgrown shrubs.

Here is the list. Some of these are on their way to my house, some are already potted up, some are in the ground. Either way, I am super stoked to get my collection started and will have such a wonderful spring 2013 watching everyone poke their little eyes out of the soil.

Thank you as always to everyone on here. You all are terrific enablers and wonderful mentors.

Ludi's collection as of 7/22/12.

If anyone has any pictures I encourage you to share. One of my favorite parts of this forum is seeing everyone's hosta.



Cranberry Wine

Curly Fries

Earth Angel


Emerald Scepter

Golden Meadows

Half and Half


Kiwi Full Monty

LS Paisley Print

Mango Tango



Night before Christmas

Praying Hands

Quilting Bee

Red October

Regal Supreme PP19818

She's a Dancer

Stained Glass

Sun Power

Tiny Tears

Volcano Island

Wide Brim


Woop Woop

Thanks for reading and enabling,


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