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japanese maple need help !!!

11 years ago

I have a pretty old Japanese Maple Bonsai that's getting some sort of a Fungus. It was very healthy until 2 months ago. That night I placed the tree on a cloth rack and next morning I discover the cloth rack felt and the pot got cracked. The tree felt on the grass.

Ever since, there were these black spot that slow grew on the leaves. First it was black spot, then it was eating and yellow the leaves and wilt them.

It looked so ugly and a bit scary. I cut off those yellow wilt leaves. I was in hope that the tree would recover itself until last week I did a research and found it was cause by fungus. I'm not sure if I'm right but that was what I researched.

So I sprayed Dr. Earth Fungicide 1:10 mix with water last week Saturday night (09/03) and again Sunday night (09/04.) I also did a major trim off of all the blackspot and so the tree was defoliated 50%. From Monday to Saturday morning, There were little to no new black spot and the little ones have stopped growing. I was relieved.

Last night, 09/10, I did a maintenance spray of the same formula again. This Sunday morning, 09/11, there were tons new and big black spots showed up. I was wowed what the hell was wrong. By noon and later noon, I could see the black spots have actually grow bigger and very fast.

Please help!!!


The picture above shows 1 pic. But if you paste this then you'll see the entire album:

Those pictures are the tree before trimming. Now it looks very poor and sick! I almost wanted to completely defoliate it now and trim of the root and wash it, but it's too late toward fall already so I'm very hesitate to risk it.

If you know what's going with my tree, please help me! I really really appreciate it.

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