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Amur maple or Korean??

17 years ago

I just discovered there was a maple forum separate from the trees forum!! Silly me-- maybe I can get some thoughts from people here.

I'm trying to put in a smaller tree in my front yard to shade it somewhat during the day. The house faces west so full afternoon sun hits the front yard almost all day.

I would like to incorporate a tree into a bed with some other smaller plants surrounding it, and I thought I was set on an amur maple (Embers or Flame?) but then I read it being compared to the Korean maple and I'm torn.

Someone posted that Amur's tend to look ratty after a few years, but I'm thinking if I keep it neatly pruned (I've heard it's often used for as a bonsai tree) that may curb that problem. Korean's I read do not do well in hot afternoon sun, and are best sheltered from wind. Since we are located on the prairie, we do get regular wind, but it's unusual for it to get higher than 40mph. Any thoughts here? I would like to get the tree planted this fall, and then start on the bed around it in the spring.

Thanks in advance!

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