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Cultivars of Magnolia grandiflora and snow load problems.

13 years ago

I was wondering if anyone had experience with cultivars of Magnolia grandiflora and resistance to snow load damage. Okay, so after a late start, we just had our snowiest month ever (February). There was no freezing rain this winter but many of the snows were of a heavy, wet variety. I have read that cultivars of grandiflora that have broad, big leaves that lay horizontal are more prone to damage than those with leaves that are more vertically oriented. It sounds good in theory but I had just the opposite results. The cultivars with big, broad, horizontal leaves were fine while a variety with moderate sized leaves that are vertically oriented (believe it's a Teddy Bear) suffered most. The vertical leaves of the Teddy Bear seemed to accumulate much more snow and eventually snapped its branches. Here's what I found comparing the cultivars:

Little Gem--No Damage

Majestic Beauty--No Damage

Edith Bogue--No Damage

Victoria--No Damage

Green Giant--Some damage

Teddy Bear--moderate damage

What has your experience been? I like all varieties but am disappointed that the Teddy Bears seem to suffer so from heavy wet snow. Thanks in advance.

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