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disappointing Hogyoku - try a different spot?

14 years ago


In the fall of 2004, I planted a Hogyoku japanese maple. I chose that variety because of the advertised "pumpkin orange!" fall color. In three falls, it has only shown me yellow fall color. New leaves emerge with orange edges, then turn green, but the fall show is a disappointment.

It is in an exposed spot and gets sun almost all day. The lawn around it gets dry in the summer, but the tree is mulched in a 3 or 4 foot circle, and has shown no drought stress. It is now about 7.5' tall.

It looks like I'll have a spot opening up that is more sheltered, does not get as much sun, and is a bit wetter. Any chance that moving the tree to that spot will improve the fall display? Does less sun ever lead to better color? I would move it this fall after leaf drop, so I wouldn't get to see the results until fall 2009.

Thanks for any input,


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