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HAVE: Have Fall Swap Sept 15th in Woodbury

15 years ago

The Fall Swap will be at TammyMN's home in Woodbury. If you've already posted in the other posting you will get the details emailed to you about 10 days before the swap. If you haven't please post below. The date and time haven't changed just the location.

Saturday Sept 15th at 11:00am. We will start the first rounds at 11:45 and have a potluck after.

Please bring something for the potluck. Coffee and pop will be provided. We'll be eating first and have the swap after lunch.

For those of you who haven't attended a swap you may want to bring:

* plants potted and labelled

 Paper & pens ready (for notes on plants, and for future trades when the plants get large enough to divide again)

 a box or wagon to put your new found treasures in

* sharpie and labels

* garden books to swap or share

* pictures of your garden

* all your empty plastic garden pots

I will send out an email to everyone that posts below with directions, etc about 10 days before the swap.

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