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HAVE: Spring Swap Date Changed to 6/7

14 years ago

The smell of spring is in the air! Time to get together again for another spring swap.

Where: Ying aka joyfulsnowflake's neighborhood community center in Woodbury

When : Saturday June 7th at 11:00am

We will swap first, then eat around 12:30pm. Please bring something for the potluck.

For those of you who haven't attended a swap you may want to bring:

* plants potted and labeled.

 Paper & pens ready (for notes on plants, and for future trades when the plants get large enough to divide again)

 a box or wagon to put your new found treasures in

* sharpie and labels

* garden books to swap or share

* pictures of your garden

* all your empty plastic garden pots

The plants can be unloaded on the patio or lawn behind the community center.

The swap goes like this:

First, everyone goes around and give a BRIEF description of their offerings plants and other garden related objects.

Then we will begin rounds

Round one - everyone pick one plant.

Round two - pick 2 plants- but not of the same type

Round three - pick 3 plants but not of the same type

As interest wanes, people can take what ever they may like.

People need to bring all "Unclaimed" offerings home with them at the close of the swap.

We can not leave any trash at the center. I put down a $250 deposit for it.

I will send out an email to everyone that posts below with directions, etc about 10 days before the swap. Hope to see you all there!


Here is a picture of the back of the community center. If weather is good, we can sit outside to eat.

The following people are confirmed to come:

Marie aka selkie_b

Adam aka adamterrie

Julie aka julie_mn

Linda aka doucanoe

Bobbie aka mnwsgal

Hope more people can come!

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