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HAVE: Garden party spring swap at my house this year

18 years ago

Hi everyone,

The garden party spring swap is at my house this year,if you need directions please e-mail me .

It is May 13th the day before mothers day, 10:00-12:00

For those who have not been there,


plants- Labeled w/desciptions


food or drinks to share

The rules are explained when we start,but I will go over them here.

Plants are placed in there certain catagory such as shade,sun, bulbs ect..

all plants that are the same are all put together ( all (pink) asiatics put with pink asiatics)ect..

If you now the excact name of the plant please put it on.

There will be a few people around to explain each plant if there are questions( if they can).Or well find who it belongs to.

Round 1, pick 3 different plant( different plants)

Round 2 Same, pick 3 different plants

we do that 2 or 3 times then you can pick 3 of any or the same plants,. we do that untill they are gone..

Bring a wagon and something to put your plants in, their is alot of people there so it is usally a little walk to the yard..

It's really a great trade so lets keep it that way.....

have fun diggin..

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