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Roll Call ...All Maineiacs please report In..Part III

17 years ago

The other thread has about hit 100, so this is a continuation.

It has been a lot of fun to find so many people in Maine that enjoy gardening and who enjoy sharing their gardening experiences here. Welcome to all you new members and hello again to all those who have been here supporting and contributing here over the years.

Its good to be among fellow gardeners.

If there are any get togethers in Maine for seed/plant trades please let me know.

Any CSA folks out there? (Community sustainable agriculture farms?)

I am from MDI and the Franklin area. the zones are MDI 5 (where I am) and zone 4 in the Franklin area where I am. Interesting to me that Franklin gets warmer in the summer but colder in the winter than on MDI.

I enjoy growing mushrooms, veggies, fruits, ornamental flowers, shrubs and trees. My maple trees are still too young to tap for at least another few years, but I would like to add more soon before I get too old to enjoy the fruits of my work!:)

PS I was once asked if I was a moderator here, I am not a moderator here, if you have any garden questions "veilchen" is quite the gardener as well as other regulars that post here to seek advise from as Maine gardening goes, I still consider myself a bit green behind the ears being a transplant from the midwestern states.:)

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