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Last thing to Harvest for 2004

I harvested my horseradish yesterday. the roots were planted last Spring late, perhaps early Summer.

While the roots were quite long...3 feet in length average, The new roots were ever so thin. The orginial root piece was a mere 5 inches and about a 1.5" caliber.

The beginning of the root mass had several nice thick white fleshy tubular roots much like in size of the original cutting.

Having never grown horse-radish prior to this past season, I have never wintered it or grown it before. Any suggestions for keeping it until next year to replant or should I have left in out in the soils for a zone 4-5 winter. Last year we had little snow, so the freeze thaw was extreme. This is not typical nor atypical for us.

I suppose I could just do a google search on that subject.

How ever!!!and none the less!!! I have in Maine out of the ground horseradish on Novemeber 9, 2004!!! And the ground was not frozen at that time of the day.

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