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HAVE: Enough Siberian Iris to do a mass planting in a small park

14 years ago

Hi, Do you have a corner park or a church or synagogue that would benefit from a mass planting of Siberian Iris. I just dug up my clump and only need a small amount to reset. Depending on how you split up what I have I think you could cover quite a significant bed. And if you wait 2-3 years, you'll have much more. So if you'd like a lot or a little Siberian Iris, come and get it!

My best guess is that this is Ceasar's Brother. It's about 3 ft. tall at maturity, forms a very dense clump that increases in diameter relatively quickly -- I had a 3 ft. wide clump within 3 years from a small number of starts. But it is NOT aggressively spreading.

The very nice thing about this plant is that in the summer it looks like a graceful coarse ornamental grass clump. In the spring, of course, there are stunning deep blue flowers. In the winter the foliage turns a golden chestnut brown and adds interest and form even though dormant. Cut back to the ground in early spring. It has done well in morning sun. It does not do well in full sun. My understanding is that it needs to be well watered to get established. I water my garden once a week through dry periods and it has thrived. I don't know how it would handle drier conditions.

The bad thing is that I am working 8AM to 10PM Monday and Tuesday. I have the plants toed in my garden and well watered, so I think they'll hold fine. Email me at

My garden is full, so all I ask is a good home and a chance to share the beauty of this wonderful plant

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