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WANTED: Have: lots of easy-care plants

14 years ago

I have the following that need good homes:

- About a dozen blooming-size tiger lilies, plus tons of yearlings

- tall phlox clumps (2nd generation seedlings, probably pink)

- Sweet William clumps (2nd generation seedlings, probably maroon)

- variegated ribbon grass

- Persicarias Lance Corporal (variegated and not) and Red Dragon

- Sedums Angelique and Cyprissa

- lots of Sedum Autumn Joy cuttings

- Cassia marilandica (also called Senna marilandica)

- Aster tartaricus

- Pink Chelone (turtlehead)

- Amsonia tabernaemontana (Blue Star)

- Carex grayii

- dwarf comfrey

- three kinds of alstromeria (psitticina, Glory of the Snow, another)

- datura seedlings

All these are easy-care plants for a wide variety of settings. Anyone want some? Let's make arrangements for you to come and dig! I live just off the DC beltway, near NASA.


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