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Why did baby hosta shoot die?

14 years ago

Hi. I'm new to hostas. I planted several divisions given to me by a colleague, some of which had roots and some of which did not. I planted them under a burgundy plum tree, after tilling and enriching the soil with compost. It is shady much of the day. The rooted ones were albapicta (a small varigated hosta) and the unrooted ones with just a bulb at the bottom were large blue-green unknowns. After a couple of weeks, the rootless ones sent up a new leaf. We've had rain nearly every day for several weeks, but there is very good drainage where the hostas are. Some of the hostas sporting the new leaf (the original ones had died off) developed a brown/yellow edge and died. One hosta which I planted as a root only sent up a little green shoot and that also died. What is going on, please? The golden tiara whole plant and one of the transplanted blue-green plants flowered, so the environment must be hosta-friendly, I would think.

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