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have: have list 2008 spring mag swap

15 years ago

2008 Spring MAG Swap: Plants you Have List

DIRECTIONS for the HAVES list:

  • If you're new to the swaps, please take the time and have the courtesy to read these posts. They're here to help everyone have a good time.
  • Yes, you can come if you don't have any plants. Your assignment will be to bring brownies food. Anything chocolate that you'd normally bring to a pot luck will be fine. Food & other contributions can be discussed under the MAG SPRING SWAP FOOD thread. Please chit-chat about it there, not here.
  • Post a list of the plants you HAVE on this thread, ideally with Latin names as best you can to avoid confusion, and cultivar names if they have them.

This thread is not for your Wants. :) That's what the MAG Spring Swap: Plants you Want thread is for.

  • Yes, Please also list other garden stuff, such as seeds, tools or books, or all things Garden that you wish to swap or give away. Another man's trash....
  • Read other people's lists. If you see things you want and would like to swap or trade for, e-mail the person directly to arrange it. Do that via private email by clicking on your person's name at the top of their post.
    Do NOT arrange the swap or trade on this thread, please.
  • Do update your posting here and your member page with your Haves and Wants; feel free to link your post here to any Plant Exchange page you may have.
  • This is important:

    When you bring your plants, MARK RESERVED PLANTS (i.e., plants for which you have a pre-arranged swap). LABEL your plants if possible. We often forget which was what by the time we get them home! Popsicle stick, plastic spoons, or other "plantable markers" are great, as they can be popped right in to the ground along with the plant.

At the swap, please do NOT take anything that is labeled for someone else, or is NOT labeled "Free" or "Please Take." Ask. That's all you have to do.

  • Questions? just include them in your post here, but please don't ask something addressed a gudzillion times. If you're asking and the answer is here, I'm going to know you've not appreciated my epic work.
  • Have fun finding new homes for your surplus plants and discovering new plants you didn't know you needed!

Did I forget anything? Of course! So, let me know so I can fix it!

Wishing everyone a great swap! Happy gardening,

Comments (61)

  • rian
    15 years ago

    I will bring to the swap--

    lilac (don't know the name) blue-purple color
    vinca minor
    flowering quince (chaenomeles speciosa)
    white evergreen azalea (large single flower)
    dogwoods from very large cornus florida (discussed in spring trade thread) This year's seedlings are not up yet--so don't know how many I'll have. Checking around in out of the way places I've found little trees that have managed to stay alive under the azaleas etc. Hopefully the curvy stems will straighten up.
    tuberose bulbs (polyanthes tuberosa)
    garlic chives (allium tuberosa)
    regular chives
    sedum, autumn joy

    Special trades--these are plants I propagated for my oldest son who was planning to upgrade from a townhouse to "something with room for a garden." This does not seem to be happening in a timely manner. If you have something on my want list, we can talk.

    Weeping cherry
    larger dogwood
    Blueberries (bluecrop or possibly blueray)
    saffron crocus bulbs (flowers produce spice saffron)

  • nancymd2
    15 years ago

    Have to trade-
    Â Lamium/deadnettle- 2 kinds- 'white nancy' (I think) and a darker green with silver stripe
    Â Lamb's ears
    Â Rose campion
    Â Lime thyme
    Â variegated thyme
    Â Forget me nots
    Â Blue larkspur
    Â Solomon's seal
    Â pulmonaria (old-fashioned, no name)
    Â Bee Balm 'Raspberry Wine'-- good mildew resistance
    Â Hosta-- green no name, and green & white no name
    Â Cardinal Flower

    Limited trades
    Â Hollyhock 'nigra'
    Â Verbena bonariensis

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  • venusruiz
    15 years ago


    I'm new to gardening and the forum. It will be the first time I am attending the swap too.

    I have purple Cherokee and Spring Bush tomatoes
    Sweet bell peppers
    an unknown variety of Tepin Hot Pepper
    and another one bonnet kind of hot pepper (will bring dry pods, maybe someone can help me identify them)

    Thanks, I am really looking forward to the it!

    Maria R.

  • madsquopper
    15 years ago

    The usual stuff, although the limited ones may be even more limited this year.



    Bee Balm (Monarda) - red and purple
    Sedums (Weinhenstephaner Gold, Angelina, yellow flowering stonecrop)
    Yellow Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis)
    Tall perennial verbena (Verbena bonariensis)
    Obedient plant (Physostegia virginiana)
    Spiderwort (Tradescantia), mostly blues/purples


    Perennial ageratum (Eupatorium coelestinum)
    Euphorbia robbiae (nice evergreen, but spreads like a mother)
    Pink malva moschata
    Siberian Iris (Iris siberica), various purples and blues
    Little bluestem grass (Schizachyrium scoparium)
    Porcupine grass (Miscanthus strictus)
    Ribbon grass (Phalaris arundinacea)
    Mexican feather grass (Stipa tennuifolia)
    Cardinal flower (lobelia cardinalis)
    Crocosmia (red, probably Lucifer)
    Rose Campion (Lychnis coronaria)
    Canna Lily tubers (Red Stripe, plus unknown reds and pinks)
    Willow leaf helianthus (tall, as in 10-12 feet)
    Purple ice plant (Delosperma cooperi)
    Spiny Bear's Breeches (Acanthus spinosus)
    Hosta Big Daddy
    Fern Leaf Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare 'crispum')
    Purple Germander (Teucrium canadense)

  • leslies
    15 years ago

    small, rooted plants
    salvia uliginosa
    symphoricarpus alba (snowberry) (one)
    asperula odorata (sweet woodruff)
    linum perenne (1 or 2)
    sweet autumn clematis (a few)

    cannas (Red King Humbert)

    baptisia australis (not many)
    lychnis flos-jovis
    digitalis parviflora
    digitalis alba
    Maine yellow-eye beans
    sunflowers (assorted named cultivars)
    amsonia hubrichtii

    I'll list more seedlings as they come up.

  • rian
    15 years ago

    I won't be able to bring any blueberries. My son still wants them. He is such a good sport about coming over to work on our computer whenever we need help, that it's his call.

    Is there any way to edit our list?

  • gardnwatch
    15 years ago

    I'll have a few pots of the following.
    Lamium- White Nancy I think
    Ajuga- Bugleweed blue flower
    hosta- green leaf
    Mazus reptans- blue flower
    Anemone- rose color ( sorry don't know the name)
    Sweet Annie- 4 pots
    Columbine- burgundy and white
    Lamb's ear
    Lily of the Valley-pink
    Rose Campion
    sedums -variety
    Geranium sanguine
    lemon balm- invasive
    tall pink phlox- great smell
    Sweet Woodruff
    I will be digging up other things as I find them

    I have one potted Butterfly 2 1/2 ' bush- either white or purple

    strawberry plants- everbearing


  • avoirgold
    Original Author
    15 years ago

    rian, no, there isn't any way to edit after posting. Sorry.

    diana lynn, you don't have email turned on, so I couldn't contact you any other way. I am interested in some grape hyacinth and daffodils. Please email me and let me know if there is anything you want from my list and we can set up a trade.


  • darcieg
    15 years ago

    Hi, everyone!

    My garden is pretty new, so I have very limited quantities of the following:

    -dead nettle (lamium) yellow flower
    -bugleweed (a deep burgundy color)
    -an Easter lily (still in the pot, plant it and it will bloom next year!)
    -Japanese ferns
    -pink heuchera
    -lemon balm
    -a pink water lily
    -lots of plastic nursery pots: black plastic squares, larger plastic terra cotta and white hanging baskets

    Let me know if you are interested in pre-arranging a trade, hoping to meet everyone soon!

    My e-mail is:


  • dawnstorm
    15 years ago

    A bit behind this year, but with great good luck I will have: purple bean hyacinth vines
    white hibiscus
    morning glory--hot pink/white
    I will also dig up some Japanese maple seedlings of various sizes and possibly some bee balm, either Raspberry or Jacob Kline.

  • foodeefish
    15 years ago

    My haves are as follows:

    Golden Creeping Jenny
    Garden Phlox - Pink (tall not the ground cover)
    Sweet Woodruff - Galium Odoratum
    Snow on the Mountain - Aegopodium Podagraria Varoegata
    Lambs Ear - Stachys Byzantina
    Lemon Balm - Melissa Officinalis
    Blackberries (thorn less)
    Corkscrew Willow
    Siberian Iris - Dark Purple
    Bearded Iris - Purple and White
    Blackberry Lilly - Belamcanda
    Painted Daisies - Chrysanthemum Coccineum
    Artemesia Vulgaris
    Water Lilies- Yellow and white

    If your interested, please e-mail me so I can put them aside.



  • bugmagnet
    15 years ago

    Here is my latest haves. I will put my Haves and Wants on my "My Page" so you can find the most updated lists.

    Allysum "Gold Dust"-- Saxatile Compactum
    Centaurea Montana (Corn Flower)
    Creeping phlox -- pink flowers
    Chrysanthemum "Mary Jane"
    Fig cutting -- Green fig
    Mexican Evening Primrose
    Miniature Columbine "Alba"
    Orchid -- Oncidium hybrid (Yellow Dancing Lady)
    Orchid -- Cymbidium
    Peony -- Not sure of cultivar: Pink flowers
    Sedum -- probably Autumn Joy
    Solomon's Seal
    Spider Plants
    Stone Crop -- not sure about cultivar: star shaped yellow flowers
    Strawberry Geranium

    Baby Blue Eyes -- Nemophilia menziesii
    Bells of Ireland -- Moluccella laevis
    Chinese Houses -- Collinsia heterophylla
    Five Spots -- Nemophilia maculata
    Love-in-a-mist -- Nigella damascena
    Zinnia "Cut and Come Again Mix"

    Common Snow Drops
    Daffodils (White w/ orange center, White w/ White Center)
    Grape Hyacinth

    If interested, please email me. Thanks.

  • kimka
    15 years ago

    A few more things from wintersowing

    Sweet pea, Captain of the blues
    Asters, early charm and pink tower
    Irish eyes sunflowers
    Double sweet william
    Rose campion

  • bugmagnet
    15 years ago

    diana lynn: I am interested in the lycoris. Just like avoirgold, I am unable to send you an email. Please email me and let me know if there's anything you may like from my Have list for a trade. Thanks.


  • leslies
    15 years ago

    Have: updated trade list on my member page.

  • madeleinef
    15 years ago

    I have:
    alpine strawberries
    autumn clematis
    red raspberries
    rose mallow
    vinca minor
    lemon balm
    Egyptian walking onions
    spiderwort (blue flowers)


  • sfmiller
    15 years ago

    I should have these, mostly in small quantities--unless the squirrels or my neighbor's marauding dog have other ideas:

    Perennials (first-year seedlings unless otherwise specified)

    Agastache "Blue Delight"
    Chasmanthium latifolium (Northern sea oats) (last year's seedlings, qt pots)
    Echinacea 'White Swan' (probably; last year's volunteers)
    Coreopsis 'Early Sunrise'
    Dianthus deltoides 'Brilliancy'
    Geranium 'Claridge Druce' (large divisions, qt pots)
    Heuchera 'Purple Ruffles' (I think) (small divisions, 4" pots)
    Itea virginica (18" offshoot, gallon pot)
    Nepeta transcausacisa "Blue Infinity" (last year's volunteers, qt pots)
    Nepeta 'Blue Moon'
    Salvia guarantica (small divisions, 4" pots)
    Salvia reptans (upright form) (small divisions, 4" pots)

    I can dig ditchlilies or spiderwort (blue/purple flowers) if anyone wants them, but won't pot 'em up.

    Annuals and edibles

    Ageratum "Red Sea"
    Coleus 'Rainbow Mix'
    Thai basil
    Tomato 'Early Challenge'
    Tomato 'Park Whopper'


  • annebert
    15 years ago

    Ok finally a rainy day so I can drag myself from the garden. I will be dropping stuff off before the swap and stopping back after my rehearsal. Let me know if you want me to mark anything for you.

    Caryopteris florida (offsets)
    Forsythia (offsets)
    Daylilies (not orange - pale yellow with burgundy eye, I think)
    Spanish lavender seedlings
    Some other tender lavender (not sure what they are) rooted cuttings
    Russian sage seedlings (cultivar Taiga)

    These are all perennials and will bloom this year; they overwintered in the field:
    Aquilegia longissima yellow bonnet
    Aquilegia alpina
    Sedum telephium Emperors wave
    Digitalis obscura
    Digitalis chocolat
    other digitalis and penstemon species whose labels I lost

    Centaurea montana offsets

    Lauren's grape poppies seedlings
    Cuban oregano (fuzzy green and white leaved plectranthus)

    This is all by memory - I may post more once I check out the greenhouse.

  • jane_artist
    15 years ago

    Not 100% sure I can come, but if I do I have:

    Raspberry "Heritage" that got out of control in my garden (neglected to contain it!). I will be potting up all the suckers and digging out the roots. It is a delicious heirloom variety.

  • lynnt
    15 years ago

    Of things I see others are looking for I have:

    monarda 'blackberry wine'
    miss kim lilac
    italian arum
    pink tall phlox (TONS!)
    solomon's seal (contact me if you want this so I can dig)
    ostrich fern
    lily of the valley
    aucuba cuttings
    new England asters
    lamb's ears

    also the following:
    named bearded irises, some rebloomers

    daffodils, early yellow with orange trumpet (ask me if you want these so I can dig)

    crown vetch seedlings (for hill stabilization -- do NOT plant this in garden beds)
    more as I think of them


  • treehouse
    15 years ago

    I am bringing:
    lots of volunteer hosta
    aucuba cuttings
    lots of ditch daylilies
    some oregano- low growing italian
    miscanthus- whatever I can hack off


  • gardnwatch
    15 years ago

    More things..
    Star of Bethlehem - ornithogalum umbellatum tons of them

    Chameleon Plant- Houttuynia cordata - very invasive plant
    but I am using it this year for a marginal in my pond and it is great there.

    Anemone- Tomentosa Robustissima- rose pink


  • jane_artist
    15 years ago

    I can't log in to send anyone replies (don't know why), but:

    I AM coming and in addition to:

    Raspberry "Heritage"

    I will have:

    Larkspur--blue, very small potted plants,but will self-seed and the seeds will produce BIG plants if left alone.

    Lambs Ears--whatever I pull out of the lawn.

    Coreopsis--mostly large mature plants that are currently growing in the wrong place.

  • bethbonemiller
    15 years ago

    Hi - I have been generously offered a ride to the swap since my car will not be available. However, to save space this means I will only be bringing items that are specifically requested, so please let me know what you want from my list and I will dig and bring!

    Achillea - pink
    anemone tomentosa robustissima - grape leaf anemone
    aster novae angliae "purple dome?" - new england aster compact form
    aquilegia canadensis - wild columbine
    campanula punctata - cherry belles
    convallaria majalis - lily of the valley
    coreopsis verticillata - threadleaf coreopsis
    dendrathema - salmon chrysanthemum
    festuca glauca - blue fescue
    galium odoratum - sweet woodruff
    geranium maculatum - wild geranium
    heuchera - palace purple and plain old fashioned green leaf with pink flower
    hosta - blue or green (don't know varietal name)
    houttuynia cordata - chameleon plant - plain and variegated
    jasminum nudiflorum- winter jasmine
    liriope muscari - lilyturf
    lunaria annua - money plant
    oenothera speciosa - mexican primrose
    lamium galeobdolon - yellow archangel
    vinca major - greater periwinkle
    vinca minor - periwinkle

  • cfmuehling
    15 years ago

    chocolate mint
    ditch lilies
    campanula punctata - cherry bells
    convallaria majalis - lily of the valley
    generic, full sun, green to avocado colored hosta
    snow on the mountain
    creeping jenny
    'raspberry wine' monarda
    'jacob klein' monarda
    some generic, miniature pink monarda (small)
    generic iris

    Will not dig unless someone wants:
    'black moudry'
    several tall switch grasses
    lilac colored lilac
    purple crape myrtles (2' or so)
    'tonto' crape myrtle (rooted start)
    'dallas red' crape myrtle (rooted start)

    Anything else I can pull up I'll bring.
    Christine at eveningsfall dot com

  • gardnwatch
    15 years ago

    Your email is not working again. All of them I have sent today came back to me....
    I have for you the yarrow, and Chameleon plants and some Mazus reptans.
    Bring me a Lilac if you have any left. Thanks.


  • banishtheivy
    15 years ago

    Hi there,

    I'll be bringing mostly shade plants including...

    Epimedium Sulphureum
    Senecio Aureus - "Golden Ragwort"
    Saxifraga stolonifera - Strawberry Geranium

    See you next Saturday

    Mary Jane

  • darcieg
    15 years ago

    Mary Jane,
    I'd like to make two trades with you, but I don't have your e-mail address.

    Please e-mail me at

  • darcieg
    15 years ago

    diana_lynn, I'd like to make a trade with you, but I don't have your e-mail address.

    Please e-mail me at


  • madsquopper
    15 years ago

    Mary Jane,

    I'd also like to trade, email me at madsquopper AT hotmail DOT com.


  • bethbonemiller
    15 years ago

    Mary Jane,

    You are universally sought after! Please e-mail me at emmiller AT comcast DOT net


  • bugmagnet
    15 years ago

    Yes, Mary Jane, me, too! I would also like to trade with you!! Please turn on your email on your member page. In addition, please email me at:

    aka bugmagnet

  • giverny
    15 years ago


    I'm really late getting online for this, and will have limited time this week to pot up, but please contact me if there's something of interest:

    misc. plastic pots will be placed by my car for the taking
    creeping jenny
    Asarum canadense
    Sedum acre
    Lindera bezoin
    May Apples
    Christmas fern
    Wood poppies

    Looking forward to seeing everyone! Mea/Giverny

  • ellen_n
    15 years ago


    I'll be bringing the following:

    blackberry lily
    cinnamon ferns
    white crape myrtle
    yellow flag
    pink fringed bleeding heart
    Perennial ageratum (Eupatorium coelestinum)
    Garden phlox (paniculata) common pink
    white lily of the valley if requested
    orange daylilies (aka ditch lilies) if requested

    Ellen (ellen_n)

  • amybee
    15 years ago

    This is my first swap so don't have as much in the way of plants but here goes...


    Green leaf hostas, qt sized divisions (3)
    some sort of succulent? yellow-green ground cover
    orange ditch lilies (will only bring them by request)
    small amount of ribbon grass
    aloe vera (young offshoots)
    Supersweet 100 cherry tomato seedling (1)
    maybe black-eyed susans, depending on what's up

    Seeds (packaged unless noted)
    petunias (fuschia, purple, white mix)--harvested
    gray-striped sunflowers
    cosmos--ealy sensation
    dward mixed marigolds
    red corn poppy
    Cornflower polka dot mix

    California wonder green pepper--harvested
    Burpee Big Boy hybrid tomato
    Burpee Roma tomato
    hot pepper mix (Burpee)
    and a few other vegie seeds

    Can't wait for the swap!


  • pthiringer
    15 years ago

    I have only been to one swap before, but I can actually make this one and have lots of plants looking for a good home.

    Have plenty of these, will bring:
    iris - great lakes (light blue)
    hardy geranium "cambridge"
    peony (one small plant, color unknown)
    lambs ears
    rudbeckia (a.k.a. black eyed susan)
    helleborus foetidus (thin leaves, green flowers)
    helloborus x hybridus (a.k.a "lenten rose")
    bleeding heart "alba" (white flowers)
    sweet woodruff
    plastic pots
    brunera macrophylla
    lamium "white nancy"
    garlic chives

    Might bring some of this, but only if reqested:
    iris - white, yellow, purple, etc.
    geranium "biokovo" (white flowers)
    astilbe (I have several varieties)
    achillea "royal tapestry" (pink flowers)
    achillea (white, not sure of name)
    canna roots (unknown variety)
    scilla (wood hyacinth, blue and pink)
    heuchera (unknown variety)

    -- Pete

  • bethany_grow
    15 years ago

    What is the location of the SWap on May 3. thanks in advance. A friend said Burtonsville.

  • busyasabee
    15 years ago

    I know for sure I will have the following:
    foxgloves (pink)
    columbines (not sure of variety but flowers are magenta red, purple and light yellow)
    yarrow (pink flowers)
    anemone sylvestris
    a couple of rooted roses ~ carefree beauty
    cranesbill geranium
    beebalm (red)
    Jette / Busyasabee

  • avoirgold
    Original Author
    15 years ago

    More to add:
    Lettuce (different varieties, not sure what they all are)
    Mammoth Dill
    Yarrow (white I think)

    Here is a link that might be useful: Directions

  • kimka
    15 years ago

    Two more haves

    Wild blue lupine (from this year's wintersowing)
    Rose of Sharon bluebird ((couple of big ones, bunch of small ones.)

  • careyj
    15 years ago

    I am so excited, Never been to a swap. I have

    3 Nandina (heavenly bamboo) shrubs
    ice plant
    Echinacea - purple coneflower
    lambs ear
    Sedum (not sure which kind)
    Lirope (solid green)

    Hardy Hibiscus-maroon, white, and red
    mixed morning glorys
    I know I have more seeds just cant remember off hand

    I can bring cuttings of Crape Myrtle (burgandy)

    Misc pots


  • thornyrose
    15 years ago

    Mondo grass
    St. John's wort (hypericum calycinum)
    Greek oregano
    Ostrich fern

    -- Valerie

  • dawnstorm
    15 years ago

    Here is what I'll bringing Saturday as of 4/30/08:

    Morning Glory seedlings (hot pink/white)--lots of these
    Bee Balm--mostly Raspberry Wine
    Purple Bean Hyacinth Vine
    Japanese Maple Saplings

    Might bring:
    Raspberry--Dormared (fruits in late June/July)
    Mystery Mint--either catnip or apple mint
    Choc Mint

    Depends on my energy level, which has not been the greatest lately. Here's my e-mail:

  • LynneinMD
    15 years ago


    I'm waaaay behind the digging curve here, BUT will take a look at some of the want lists and see what I can bring.

    I think my gweb mail works but in case it doesn't, email me at LynneinMD AT gmail DOT com...

    Anyone want some miscanthus? I have plant sale leftovers in (I think) 2-gallon pots.

    Sedum (I don't think it's 'Autumn Joy' but it's similar. Possibly 'Autumn Fire', from the pics I've found online)
    Sedum 'Dragon's Blood'
    Sedum 'Tricolor'
    Dianthus 'Frosty Fire' which is a hot-ish pink, not the red on the tag (not that I care, but I know that some do...!)
    California Poppy (I think...I planted these as seeds last year and have new plants in the same place..)
    Creeping Thyme possibly 'Pink Chintz'
    Salvia shrub (small pink flowers, no idea which variety)
    Nepeta 'Walker's Low'
    Iris - deep dark purple and a whole bunch of surprises.


  • LynneinMD
    15 years ago

    Oh, I forgot to add the non-plant things:

    Seed starters (popsicle-style) for Susan (oogy) but there may be some extras for others..

    Little pots (smaller than 4")
    Medium pots (4" but smaller than a gallon)
    Big pots (gallon and up)

    OOOOO-SCOOBS of cut-up mini blinds (white 1" and green 1/2") to use as plant markers. Susan (oogy) or anyone doing a sale soon please be sure you get some! Really, though, if everyone comes by and takes a handful I might get rid of them all. Maybe. So, fair warning...anyone with an unlocked car along my departure path will get a surprise... =)

    Garden mags and catalogs... about a 10" pile in a box. I'll pull out any Fine Gardening for the person who asked for them..

    I think a trowel or two, too. I know I have a couple of extras and there are new gardeners coming!

    See you Saturday!


  • venusruiz
    15 years ago

    I also have 2 inkberries nirda in 1 gallon pots.


  • wishdesign
    15 years ago

    I'm late getting organized this year, so I don't have a lot, but here's what I can bring if anyone wants them:

    - Corkscrew Vine (vigna caracalla) seedingsÂthe fragrant one
    - Cup & Saucer Vine seedlings (cobaea scandens) Â purple
    - Mexican Flame Vine (senecio confusus)Ârooted cuttings that still need to be hardened off
    - Maypop (passiflora incarnata)ÂI have one that's just starting to come up that I need to move
    - Brown Turkey Fig cuttings that are starting to root
    - Creeping Thyme
    - Orange-scented Thyme
    - Russian Sage
    - Oregano
    - Egyptian Walking Onions
    - Anise Hyssop (agastache)
    - HydrangeasÂsmall potted plants
    - Rooted light pink rose cuttings (sorry, I don't know what kind they are, but the bush I took them from are not very thorny and the flowers smell wonderful)

    I think that's it. I'm really looking forward to Saturday! :)

  • wishdesign
    15 years ago

    Okay, a few more things I remembered:

    - Small potted Chinese Mahogany (Toona Sinensis) - the young leaves are edible and have an oniony taste that some people like and others don't

    - Bee Bee Tree (tetradium or euodia/evodia daniellii) - tiny, tiny seedlings

    - Pink bleeding hearts

    - Honeoye strawberry plants

    - Mystery grape (I bought a 4-pack of blueberries, and one of the plants turned out to be a grape vine and I don't really want it)

    Â Jean

  • lynnt
    15 years ago

    I have castor bean seedlings, children of dark-purple-leaved Carmencita. Two are reserved for Christine, the rest are available!


  • lynnt
    15 years ago

    Anyone else besides Wishdesign want comfrey? Let me know and I will dig Sat AM


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