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It won't stop raining!

17 years ago

3rd straight day of non-stop rain. This is unbelievable. Is it raining in the rest of Maine? I feel we have become one with the ocean down here. When the showers finally do slow down, they are replaced with a steady mist. My front yard is half flooded, the soil is soaked, so my concrete walkway won't be laid after all. Neither will my patio. I have been waiting weeks for them to be finished, so I can finish the landscaping. Soil's too wet now anyways. Half the grass seed is probably washed away in all the areas around the new construction I was trying to get going. I just had 4 bareroot roses shipped yesterday that need planting. I threw them in a 5-gallon bucket and placed them under the gutter spout, the bucket filled up quickly.

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