Where to find, or where to buy...?

12 years ago

I have been reading "Gardening When it Counts" by Steve Solomon and am enjoying the book. I have been gardening for a few years now in much smaller scale, but i now have the means for a somewhat larger garden so i am in the process of taking things a little more seriously.

(i used to garden in a tiny 5'x4' space and now have a bit over 750 sq, to me that is big :) )

Anyhow, Steve describes an organic fertilizing blend that uses material such as "tankage/meatmeal" and "seedmeal" (any but copra is good) i'm not having any luck finding these items online on home gardening scale. i have not called around to any local companies because i don't know what i am talking about and i don't know how to ask.

do garden stores carry these things? feed stores? are they brand names or just a generic stuff?

I don't even know what quantities are available, will i only be able to buy it in 100's of pounds at a time or smaller units? what would be a fair per pound/unit price of these materials?

i live mid way between Brunswick/Topsham and Lewiston/Auburn. So either direction is within reason.

I was thinking maybe Paris Farmer's Union or Brook's Feed and Farm...?

I don't recall ever seeing anything like this in a big box store or even Aubuchon... we do have a new Tractor Supply...

thanks, i simply don't know what i might be getting into. lol

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