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difference between black fava beans vs. the white?

17 years ago

I was in a local nursery today and saw that they had packs of dry fava beans (both the common light color as well as some packs of black ones) for planting. I don't generally grow edibles at this point because I live in an apartment and have to grow everything in a pot, and space is truly at a minimum, so I tend to just grow really showy ornamental things. However, I do really like fava bean flowers, ever since I found some growing wild at a creek near my house. I love those black and white blossoms! Anyway, I do already have some of the regular light tan-whitish colored fava bean seeds, but wondered if the flowers look any different from the black seeded plants versus the white? I thought I'd ask someone here before I broke down and bought something I may not necessarily 'need' and wouldn't be planting immediately anyway. (My husband is finishing up his PhD and we'll be moving sometime in the spring, so I don't have a problem with short term storage of seeds I plan on planting later)

Amanda 'romando'

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