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Not for the faint of heart questions about, well everything ??

18 years ago

What is good drainage? We know good drainage is a more rapid transfer of water threw a root system(which should be defined and quantified somewhere)as to what rapid means. So I ask why do some plants need extra fast drainage? Are there different types of drainage, one that provides for the free flow of air through out the root system to include water or is there another type that only allowing only for the free movement of water through the root system.

A common statement is that the roots need to breath, yet is this a correct statement do roots truly breath. We know that the function of the foliage is respiration, taking in Carbon Dioxide during the day and a combination of gases at night but do the roots act in the same way? Is it true that water moving threw the root system will provide O2 and CO2 to the plant. So will a bottle of carbonated water and a little bit of Hydrogen peroxide make a good mix. I would really would like to why H2O3 works so well, is it that extra electron, that is needed to release some types of nutrients held in a magnetic bond. See that's not much of a question is it?

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