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October Glory Maple Tree

9 years ago

Right now I have in my yard (4) silver maple trees, NONE have surface roots and they are pushing 40-50 feet. All are very healthy. My question is I have recently planted (2) October Glory Maple Trees and (1) Autumn Blaze Maple. I love maple trees so I am trying to only plant them. But I have heard October Glory Maple Trees have a serious problem with surface roots and I have heard others say it's not a problem at all. I have the 4 silver maple trees with no surface roots so I am wondering if I will be ok to keep the October Glory Maples without having an issue with them. Also do Autumn blaze maples have an issue with surface roots? Any help is appreciated...I will thinking about going with pin oaks if the maples are too bad. I have one in the yard, though it's not my favorite tree it doesn't have any surface roots and it planted a two feet from my driveway and isn't harming a thing. Thank you in advance!!

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