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Difference between Green and Dry Beans.

10 years ago

Sorry for the strange question, but I really have not been able to figure out the difference between a green bean and the dry beans you buy in a bag at the store. Planning my garden and don't know what to grow if I want both kinds of beans.

I understand the pole and the bush thing. I think i get the string and stringless thing too. I just don't understand if all dry beans are green beans too. I want both when I start my garden. Wouldn't you always want dry beans to be determinate so you can save them all at once?

I thought I had peas figured out but then I read about Purple Hull Peas and I'm back to square one. I can save that for another day. It seems like standard peas are either pea pods or English peas like those in a can. That makes sense.

Thanks for help. A link is fine too. I have tried to look on the forum and do searches but have not had luck.

I'm planning my garden for next year.

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