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What to do with potted Easter Lily with new growth?

13 years ago

So, we got a potted Easter Lily last Spring. After it bloomed, I left it in the pot on our porch. I watered it regularly until it went brown sometime during the summer. I meant to plant it out in the yard, but by time I got round to it, the plant had sprouted a new stem! It was over two inches high at that point. I figured I would keep it potted and care for it as I had previously hoping for a Christmas/Winter bloom. When the cold arrived here about 10-15 days ago, I moved it indoors. Recently, I noticed the new, normal-sized stem was joined by two smaller stems on the other side of the pot. Tonight I noticed the big stem, now 5 inches high, was leaning over and was very soft at the base. A little tug and it came out.

So, what do I do now? There is still time to plant it outside. Should I go ahead and plant it or keep it as a house plant over the Winter?


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