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New Lucky Bamboo Owner Needs Help!

15 years ago


I just got a lucky bamboo plant two days ago and have no idea what I am doing. I have been wanting one forever and finally got one, now all the information I am reading- sounds like my plant is gonna die on me.

It's in a 4-5 inch colored glass container with pebbles and some type of jelly stuff in it. The pebbles reach to just about a 1/4 of an inch from the top of the container.. I have 3 stalks, but one of the stalks is yellow down to about the first notch in it. All three stalks have the leaves growing on the top.. Can someone help me with some information that can help me make it grow?

What is this jelly stuff? Should i keep it?

What's with the yellow stalk? Should I cut it off?

Is there any way to make a new stalk grow?

How do these things grow? Up? or do they just stay green and the same length?

How about watering it? Tap water? I found info that said to keep it at just about the level of the pebbles, but other said that only water it where you want roots to grow..?

Any information is good, please and thanks!!!

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