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How would you describe the taste of wax beans?

13 years ago

Tonight we had a big bowl of Fortex and Kentucky Wonder Pole Wax Beans at dinner. They'd been picked for five days and kept in the refrigerator, but their staying power must be enormous. They were very tender and tasty, nice and beany. And they're very attractive in the bowl as a mix.

But I am torn about the taste of the wax beans alone. They're much blander than the Fortex, though they're equally tender, even when the beans are large in the pods. They're also out-producing the Fortex about 2 to 1. I've already blanched and frozen several quarts of the mixture.

Do wax beans need to be prepared differently from green snaps? I am leaning toward not growing wax beans next year because their taste seems so innocuous next to the Fortex beans.

What's your taste experience with wax beans?

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