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Did everyone get all the varieties they planned to grow planted?

....and how are they doing. I think I did pretty good, didn't get everything I planned planted due to the weather and being out of commission for a couple of weeks.

Is it too late to plant 'Tobacco Worm' I could start them in the greenhouse, pot them on like I did with 'Bird Egg#3' which I planted out when they started to show signs of climbing, since the weather has warmed up they are scrambling up the pole, looking good so far. These are the ones I'm really going the extra mile to keep them happy :).

The others were started not in the order listed so some are farther along than others.

In and growing are...

Barksdale (starting to climb the netting)

Tennessee Cutshorts (climbing the netting)

Chinese Red Noodle (Just planted these in greenhouse where they'll stay)

Fort Portal Jade (in container, flowering and forming beans)

Gialet della Val Belluna (In container, this one seems to attractive slugs and snails)

Insuk's Wang Kong (thinking about climbing)

Mr. Tung's (thinking about climbing)

Nagatomo (In container)

Oland Island Brown (in container, flowering)

Polish Freidank (starting to climb)

Ma Williams (direct seeded last week)

Samos Greek Lima (direct seeded last week)

Woods Mountain Crazy Beans (In container, flowering)

The others I had planned to grow this year will have to wait till next year, fingers crossed we have a better spring weather wise and I still have some get up and go left in me LOL.


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