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Lilies for Gulf Coast

8 years ago

I live in S. Louisiana, about 20 miles north of New Orleans, and am curious about which types of true lilies will thrive here.

I have a Phillipine/Formosa lily that comes back every year and also a patch of Easter lily that comes back every year. I would really like to try some of the oriental types like Stargazer and especially I am intrigued by Black Beauty.

Can I grow Black Beauty here? Or are there other 'nodding' or showy varieties I can grow here? I remember my grandmother had some lilies in her garden that came back each year, but I can't remember what they were and unfortnuately she is no longer here to ask.

Some of the information I've read says we are too far south here, but others say it is possible. I read an article in Southern Living where it stated a woman amended her soil with Gran-I-Grit (chicken grit chips) to get perfect drainage. Also I wonder how being this far south changes the rules as to planting depth.

Seems like most people down here grow the standard evergreen shrubs like Indian Hawthorn, azaleas, etc. A lot of people plant tropicals like hibiscus and bananas. Then they fill in with the standard array of annuals -- begonias, vincas, impatiens, etc. I am really interested in doing something different and would love to do an English style perennial border something like Martha Stewart had at her first house in Connecticut. Trying to find out how to translate that type of garden to the Deep South. I am hoping to find some lilies that I can plant to start to build a perennial bed.

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