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first time here, first time borer!

17 years ago

hello everyone!

i have had irises for about 6 years. last year, my german (?) irises looked horrible and didn;t bloom. about 2 feet from those i have an unid'd purple iris that i transplanted from a OLD homestead area. these are bloom and multiply like crazy.

this year, again, my german irises keep "rotting." i had no knowledge about borers before, and in a freak accident sort of way, i learned yesterday. i was pulling the dead stuff when a piece of rhizome came with it with one of those juicy fat borers in the rhizome. i have found 2 with just pulling dead stuff. the remainder keep trying to grow more foliage throughout this spring/summer.

what i find strange is they have not bothered my purple irises which are in a huge clump. both these iris types get treated the same by me: clean up dead stuff in spring, or as soon as i can. from now on, i will be doing it after a hard frost! correct?

i have found info that beneficial nematodes will attack borers. has anyone had experience using this? i did not find nematode use in the search for borers. i would like to stay with organic means.


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