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My Homemade Hosta Markers

13 years ago

I had been wanting to have some halfway decent markers. I have used vinyl mini blinds and vertical blinds for years and have used zinc markers. Working with the budget of $0.00 I came up with a plan using things I have around the house.

A 23" x 32" piece of ¼" acrylic from a display case, coat hangers and a label printer. These could be made perfectly if a person took their time and used a router table to clean up the saw marks on the edges. Edges can be heat polished to appear clear again.

I took pics while making them and thought I would share.

The tools, labels printed and piece of acrylic


Eight 2" wide strips cut and a little left over. I have more ideas for different designs.


I used electrical tape to bind the 8 strips together for cutting.


After the first two cuts.


After a few more cuts.


After cleaning up chunky edges.


A little jig to hold the stacks of 8 for drilling.


After drilling. I broke two that were on the bottom.


They had to be gently tapped apart. 110 good ones, 2 broken.


How I cut the hangers. The top two for tall plant markers and the bottom for short markers.


Trying them on for size.




I used the white hangers because I had the most of them. I donÂt like them and already have a new idea for better holders that will add style.

I am thinking about using 8 gauge bare copper wire as the holders with 12 or 10 gauge bare copper wire soldered to and vined up the holder. Cut small leaves from sheet copper and soldered onto the wires. Applying a patina used in stained glass would turn it instantly dark or time will give it a patina.

Something like this.


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