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need help finding shop lights and shelving unit!

I need help finding a shop light fixture for a light set up for starting seedlings. I need 4 of them, and I need each shop light to hold 4 bulbs.

I am also looking for them at a decent price (with the shelving unit). I found a 4 tier shelving unit that is 48" per shelf, but the lowest price for that is $79, which is too steep for me.

Somebody suggested the idea of building a shelf unit for starting seedlings with PVP pipe. Would building a 4 tier shelf unit out of PVP be cheaper than buying a shelf unit of that size? IF so, where can I find plans for how to build this please? Pictures with it would be appreciated (with plans for PVP shelf) as I'm not good with building stuff.

The set up will be a 4 tier light set up for starting seedlings. I've looked online but all I can find are 2 light fixture shop lights.

I am also looking for a 4 tier shelf that is 48" long; it has to be that length as that is how long my T8 bulbs are.

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