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Harbor Lane Gardens - Gathering during AHS Convention

13 years ago


If you will be in the Twin Cities during the AHS Convention, Jim and Sheila Hartmann (aka "The Idiots") would like to invite you to a gathering on the deck at Harbor Lane Gardens on

Friday, June 25

6 PM until ???

We'll have a variety of beverages, snacks, and horses ovaries (in French they say "hors d'oeuvers"). We're all going to be tired by that time, so don't worry about bringing stuff. If you want something more substantial than snacks and conversation, there are lots of places, fast food and otherwise, to eat nearby - we'll include details...

We'd like to get an idea of how many folks might attend, so give us a yes or a maybe... and also let us know if you need a ride.

email us at and we'll start a list and provide directions.

The convention schedule for Friday has us touring in the morning, then they serve us lunch and hold the auction in the afternoon. Dinner is "on your own." We figured since most folks will be leaving the hotel anyway, that would be the perfect evening to gather and swap some lies and connect faces with online "handles." We have a large deck, a screened porch, a tiny house, one fully functional bathroom, and about a half-acre garden with a few hostas...

And feel free to bring friends - they don't have to be forum folks... the more the merrier!

We are fifteen minutes, all simple freeway, from the convention hotel - when it isn't rush hour... of course, at six it will still be the end of a Friday rush hour, so figure a half hour or so. We'd be glad to give rides, and assume some of those who would be driving on their own wouldn't mind a hitchhiker or two as well. Arrangements can be finalized later... right now we just want to get on your calendar... and "maybe's" are OK - we know some plans might change, we're just trying to figure out if it will be 5 or 50...

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