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should I cut back my 3 year old Nikko Blue?

Lynn Nevins
17 years ago

I have a potted Nikko Blue. I bought it 3 years ago as a small potted plant, repotted it, and it's done very well and is essentially a small bush now. This year however for the first time, it did not flower at all, although the leaves still provided beauty. (I understand that sometimes that just happens... some years they just don't flower...??)

Around August, it seemed I may have neglected to water it often enough for a week or so period. From that point forward, plant never seemed the same. Leaves were faded looking and curling at the edges. Stems began to look more spread out.

In any case, while I realize it's Fall now and most plants are starting to "fade", I think this plant looks worse than it should. I've never done any formative pruning on this plant, and wonder if this might be a good time to do it. I have notes somewhere that I can refer to, which indicate that selective pruning of this plant can end up producing more flowers the next year.

So... would this be a good time to prune? Part of the reason I think it might also be good to prune is because I feel like many of the stems now look sorta "dead", so by cutting them off, it may "save" the plant from actually dying?

A url with pix is attached. Note however the plant looks even worse now.


Here is a link that might be useful: hydrangea

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