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Why won't my hydrangeas bloom?

11 years ago


I live in So Cal, I think zone 9 or 10. I recently moved to a new place, and found a spot I thought would be perfect for hydrangeas.

While the area is bright, it gets no DIRECT sunlight. It is in front of our living room picture window and is north-facing.

I have 4 varieties of hydrangeas planted there, and the only one that is blooming is the ES one I got from a nursery. The blooms are smaller than I expected. I expected mopheads at least 6 inches across, and instead they're about 3 inches. But at least they are flowering! The other varieties are all from Trader Joes. Is the problem the fact that they are from TJ's? Or are they not getting enough sunlight? It has been at least 2 months since I planted them.

If they are in fact not getting enough sun, I would appreciate suggestions for other colorful plants I can grow outside of our picture window. Like I said, it gets NO direct sun, not even dappled sun, but it is "bright."

In the picture, the "Everlasting Sumner" one is in the center. The others are to the left and dried up to the right. The sunlight you see is actually coming from INSIDE the house, from another window.

Thank you.

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