nikko blue hydrangeas out of control...can i prune now?

10 years ago

Hello all. We purchased a home last year with 5 yr old landscaping done by the previous owner. There is a row of 5 Nikko Blues up against the back side of the house. We LOVE them, the bright blue color, etc. But they are HUGE. They stick up past the window sills, and are so top heavy they fall over, taking up like 4' of patio (which we could definitely use back! :) Anyway, it's October 1st today. Am I going to regret it if we cut them back now? They have lost maybe half their leaves already and are looking pretty terrible. I'd like to cut them back to 1/2 to 2/3 their height, to avoid how overgrown they looked this year. I don't want to sacrifice all of next year's blooms, but I don't think I can make it through next summer without pruning them back. Thanks for any and all help!

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